CNAM's new 20 Tesla superconducting magnet system is now operational, having undergone installation and testing very recently. This adds to our facilities list one of only a handful of such superconducting magnets in the United States outside of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratories in Tallahassee and Los Alamos, and one of about twenty around the world. The new 20 T system, built by Oxford Instruments, also completes the formation of our new Extreme Quantum Environments Laboratory (EQEL). Supervised by CNAM Director Johnpierre Paglione, the EQEL facility allows researchers to perform quantum materials experiments at the extremes of temperature, magnetic field and pressure. In particular, synchronizing ultra-low temperature refrigeration to reach as low as 6 milliKelvin (6 thousandths of a degree above absolute zero), ultra-high diamond anvil cell apparatus to reach above megabar (1 million atmospheres) pressures, and ultra-high magnetic fields of 20 T (about 500,000 times the earth's field), the EQEL facility allows us to probe extremes of nature that have never before been studied.