High-Performance Elastocaloric Materials

An international team of collaborators led by QMC Researcher Ichiro Takeuchi (MSE), has developed an improved elastocaloric cooling material using a blend of nickel (Ni)-titanium (Ti) metals, forged using a 3D printer, that is not only potentially more efficient than current technology, but is completely ‘green.’ Takeuchi has been developing this technology for almost a decade, and it is one step closer to commercialization. See more info in the news release

QMC Researchers featured in "A platform for stable quantum computing, a playground for exotic physics"

Phys.org reports on the studies done by the Maryland Quantum Materials Center's researchers Dr. Johnpierre Paglione and Dr. Xiangfeng Wang.  Researchers have demonstrated the first material that can have both strongly correlated electron interactions and topological properties. These materials create a playground for fundamental physics and are promising for a number of applications in special types of electronics and quantum computing.