838C Student Seminar

Physics 838 Seminar
09.18.2017 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Daniel Campbell (Paglione)

Title: High Pressure Synthesis of the Transition Metal Dichalcogenide TiSe2

Abstract: Transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) are a large family of materials with varying properties, often including an interplay of charge density wave ordering and superconductivity. TiSe2, first studied in the 1970s, has received attention as a possible example of the much sought-after excitonic insulator as well as other unique behavior. More recently, it has been found to superconduct by metal intercalation or applied pressure. This talk will give a general introduction to TMDs and TiSe2, and go on to present our results from the first high pressure synthesis study of bulk TiSe2. This new growth technique results in low temperature behavior vastly different from previous reports, and is a potential new avenue to search for anomalous behavior in both TiSe2 and other TMDs.

Sudeep Dutta (Wellstood/Lobb)

Title: Superconducting Devices for Quantum Computation

Abstract: The transmon qubit is formed by placing a Josephson junction in a three-dimensional cavity. In addition to describing our work coupling these qubits with tunable resonators, I will briefly discuss junction physics, the requirements a device should satisfy for quantum computing, and the evolution of this style of qubit.