QMC COLLOQUIUM: Yong-Baek Kim, University of Toronto


Speaker: Yong-Baek Kim, University of Toronto
Non-Fermi Liquids and Novel Broken Symmetries in Multipolar Quantum Materials

The hallmarks of non-Fermi liquids are singular thermodynamic and transport properties that are distinct from those associated with a Fermi liquid. Non-Fermi liquid behaviors are famously seen in cuprates, heavy fermion materials, and metallic quantum critical systems. In this talk, I discuss possible non-Fermi liquids in multipolar quantum materials, where conduction electrons interact with the local moments that do not carry any dipole moment, but possess higher-rank quadrupolar and octupolar moments. This theoretical work is partly motivated by recent experiments on cubic f-electron systems, where the local moments arise from non-Kramers ground states. I present the theoretical solution of a multipolar Kondo problem, where a single multipolar moment is interacting with the orbital and spin degrees of freedom of conduction electrons. I show that an unexpected non-Fermi liquid state arises in this system. I also discuss emergent multipolar ordered phases in the lattice version of the model and how to experimentally detect such subtle broken symmetries.Host: J. Paglione

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