CNAM COLLOQUIUM: Wesley Fuhrman, University of Maryland

CNAM Condensed Matter Colloquium
09.13.2018 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm


Title: Samarium hexaboride, curiouser and curiouser!

Abstract: A cornerstone of condensed matter, the history of SmB6 is punctuated with seeming paradoxes. I will first discuss the “missing” Sm3+ magnetism as related to the spin exciton seen by neutron scattering. This mode exemplifies the strong correlations which make SmB6 exceptional among the growing zoo of topological materials. Then, I will describe the unusual behavior of magnetic impurities in SmB6 as evidenced by recent results in XMCD, neutron scattering, and magneto-thermal measurements. The moment screening we observe establishes a connection in SmB6 between common impurities and bulk metal-like properties, potentially related to recent curiosities such as bulk quantum oscillations found in the absence of both DC conductivity and fermionic thermal carriers.

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