In 1990, a seminar was initiated for CNAM (then CSR) graduate students in order to present their research to the other students, postdocs, and faculty in the Center. In this seminar, students submit formalized feedback to each weekly presenter, providing informative information about presentation style, research content and tips for improvement. At the end of each term, a cash prize award is given for the best student presentations based on class feedback scores. Previous winners are listed below:



Best Presentation

Honorable Mention

2009 (fall)   Arun Luykx Jen-Hao Yeh
2010 (fall)   Christian J. Long Tomasz M. Kott
2010 (spring)      Tomasz M. Kott Kevin Kirshenbaum
2011 (fall)   Sergii Pershoguba Ted Thorbeck
2011 (spring)      Anirban Gangopadhyay Baladitya Suri
2012    <> Baladitya Suri, Kristen Burson
2013   Kevin Kirshenbaum Kirsten Burson
2014   Sean Fackler, Paul Syers, Kristen Voigt Tyler Drye, Steven Ziemak
2015   Paul Syers Jasper Drisko