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  • Quantum-critical scale invariance in a transition metal alloy
    Y Nakajima, T Metz, C Eckberg, K Kirshenbaum… - Communications …, 2020 - nature.com
    6 days ago - Quantum-mechanical fluctuations between competing phases induce exotic collective excitations that exhibit anomalous behavior in transport and thermodynamic properties, and are often intimately linked to the appearance of unconventional Cooper pairing. High …
  • From anyons to Majoranas
    J Sau, S Simon, S Vishveshwara… - Nature Reviews Physics, 2020 - nature.com
    8 days ago - Anyons, particles that are neither bosons nor fermions, were predicted in the 1980s, but strong experimental evidence for the existence of the simplest type of anyons has only emerged this year. Further theoretical and experimental advances promise to nail the existence …

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Contact Info

QMC is an interdisciplinary research center located in the Department of Physics
at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Director: Johnpierre Paglione

Phone: 301.405.8285
Fax: 301.405.3779
Email: qmc@umd.edu

A Message from the Director

JP coverThe Maryland Quantum Materials Center supports cutting-edge experimental research in Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Maryland. Including a diverse range of faculty, research scientists, graduate and undergraduate students, QMC researchers are working on topics ranging from the search for new quantum materials to the design of new electronic devices that work on new physical principles.

The research done today in QMC will have an impact on the technological challenges of tomorrow, from high-speed computing to energy generation, storage, and transfer. QMC provides an exciting, collaborative environment for undergraduate and graduate students and postdoctoral researchers to receive excellent training for careers in science and technology. Please take a look at the rest of this website to find out more about our exciting center!

--Johnpierre Paglione, Director